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“Despite Recent Sales Of Residences At Old Town In Alexandria, Virginia, My Residence Hasn't Sold!”

Do you have a home similar to 1003 Pendleton St in Alexandria that won't sell? Did you know that in Old Town:
  • the average number of days on the market is 54.
  • the most expensive home on the market is 418 Duke St.
  • the least expensive place of residence on the market is 521 N Washington St #101.
  • 1003 Pendleton St is currently listed for $825,000.
Does the current market favor buyers or sellers? This is an important question that a friendly Realtor can answer. A few questions to ask your agent include:
  • Since the day you listed, what interior row/townhouses have accepted offers, how many days did it take, and what price were they asking?
  • How does your listing look compared with the residences priced similarly?
  • Is it time to think about changing representation?

Recently Sold At Old Town

Here are several reasons interior row/townhouses in Alexandria will sometimes have no action:
  • Location — Every location has a buyer, but once in a blue moon it takes a while to find THAT buyer
  • Parking — A difficult driveway or a home without good parking can be slow to sell.
  • Decor — Neutral decor doesn't excite anyone, but flashy decor can distract home buyers.
  • Unreasonable price — The toughest pill to swallow, but once in a while this is the problem.
These are problems we’ve seen before and challenges we know how to overcome. When the time comes to sell your place of residence in Old Town, it's advisable to think about what interior row/townhouses have sold at Old Town in 22314 in Alexandria. That can give a owner a starting point for determining your $825,000 2-bedroom interior row/townhouse's value. Email Nesbitt Realty to learn more about Nesbitt Realty's plan to market your dwelling. Nesbitt Realty is also happy to prepare a free and accurate estimate of your place's market value.
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