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Things And Pics Of 2-BR 2 BA Listings In 22314 In Alexandria At Old Town Gateway

Nesbitt Realty can save you $5,602 when you use Monika Ortiz to get 945 Powhatan St.

Investigate this late 20th-century property is listed today. Every day, Monika Ortiz works affordable real estate in Alexandria.

What Subdivisions In Alexandria Have Similarly Sized Homes?

Watergate At Landmark 4 Active
Carlyle Towers 3 Active
None Available 2 Active
Montebello Condo 2 Active
Stoneybrooke 2 Active
Manchester Lakes 1 Active
Autumn Chase Hunt 1 Active
Carter Court 1 Active
Virginia Hills 1 Active
Old Town Gateway 1 Active
Huntington Station 1 Active
Cameron Station 1 Active
Quaker Park Estates 1 Active
Old Town Historic 1 Active
Huntington 1 Active
Yacht Haven Estates 1 Active
Riverside Estates 1 Active
Fairland Towns 1 Active
The Crest of Alexandria 1 Active
Crest of Alexandria 1 Active
Mount Vernon Park 1 Active

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$1,080,000 at Old Town Gateway

For answers about these residences, talk to Monika Ortiz.


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