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What Is The Duration Of The Lease Our Tiny Business Uses For A Rental Condo In Northern Virginia?

Every day, Nesbitt Realty prepares written leases for landlords with rental properties in Alexandria as a part of our property management service. Preparing a rental contract is one of the most crucial responsibilities of the successful rental property management services of a rental property in Northern Virginia. Photo of 1421 Oronoco Photo of 1421 Oronoco Of course, you’re probably already aware that all of our rental contracts are in writing. The lease Nesbitt Realty uses was written by staff attorneys at the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. Our local business just changes details like the perorations, the address and so forth. Leases typically have a one-year term. Longer leases are on rare occaisions approved and only after discussions with the property owner. With the owner’s approval—especially during slower rental periods—Nesbitt Realty makes leases for less than one year. Most usually landlords accept longer or shorter leases to have the rental contract expire during a more active rental period. Nesbitt Realty will once in a blue moon work to place a tenant on a month-to-month or short-term rental contract to accommodate sale of the condo by the landlord, a renter’s pending departure, or moving the rental residence into a more active rental period. For a complete break-down our process, email Nesbitt Realty or read more here. We have all necessary licenses to manage rental property in the City of Alexandria and anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have all necessary license and authority to manage rental in the City of Alexandria and anywhere in the Commonwealth. More about about rental management services


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